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PayPal problem with your plugin

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We encounter a very strange situation on the site.
We received orders at the shop, where it is mentioned that the payment was made through PayPal although we do not have this method of payment available at the shop. There is available only payment by bank transfer and card card (Visa, Mastercad)

We mention this problem to the support team of Woocommerce and they manage to figure it out. The PayPal option appears at the check out page even if it is not setup as active. And the problem is from your plugin. When your plugin is deactivated the PayPal disappear from the check out page.

Woocomerce team support answer was: Since PayPal only appears when the WOOCS - WooCommerce Currency Switcher is active, the best thing to do would be to reach out to its developer. There may be a setting to change this that they've created or they may have a workaround.

Please help!

Thank you!



Very strange!

Please  drop me  wp-admin+FTP access(  I will check  it


I have drop the credentials.


Please drop me  FTP access/

I have drop the credentials, did you not get it?

Hi, Did you manage to take a look at the problem? Thank you!




I requested FTP access.

You have not provided this at this time.

Maybe you forgot to click on the button -

I did click the button, please let me know if you get it.


Did you receive the it?


Yes  I got it.

But right now I can’t get this error -

Hello Alexandra

Support not see on your site the issue. I can suggest you next - Make next test: create test subdomain on your hosting and using duplicator create clone of your site. On that clone site disable all plugins exept woocs+woocommerce, disable all kinds of caches and in woocs options press button Save again (you can enable plugins one by one to find conflicated). If still troubles – set default theme – should work, and issue somewhere in wp theme code, maybe in functions.php


I added today a custom CSS to hide PayPal on the check out page, because again we received 2 orders that choose PayPal.

Here is the code that I added on the Additional CSS -- APPEARANCE - CUSTOMISE

li.wc_payment_method.payment_method_paypal {
display: none;


Please do test!


Did you manage to figure out what was the problem?

From my side I do not see the PayPal option on the check out page, but I never saw it. So I can not test if this is solved or not.

What did you do? Now the payment with Credit Card is not working anymore.


I have restored my site to a back-up from 2 days ago. And now the payment with Credit Card is ok now.

I dont know what you did fixing the bug from your plug in, but that crashed  the payment with CREDIT CARD.


Very strange!

In this case, it’s better to leave this payment system hidden using CSS