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Hello team the currency switcher is amazing for me . i have two currencies on my website (Kenyan Shilling (KES) and United states Dollars (USD) . i have enabled only two payments gateways of which paypal is not enabled because i do not need it. When i switch currency to USD on the website during checkout am seeing PAYPAL as a option to make payments with listed below my preferred payments gateway. My questions are two.

  1. How comes paypal is showing yet is not activated on the payments gateway?
  2. How do i disable or prevent it from showing on the front end?

My website

Regards Richardson


If you disabled the payment system here - - it cannot appear on the frontend

Thanks for your quick response , i have already deactivated pypal in this section . However when am using USD paypal appears as a payments gateway to be used to make payments by clients  but when am suing KES it does not appear. Personally i don use paypal neither have i set it on the site. Here are the screenshots

  1. Checkout page while in USD currency>>>
  2. Setting on the payments gateway >>>>

You can see paypal is disabled on the setting but its appearing on the front end wen currency is set to USD


Try  to test   disable  it -

My plugin cannot activate payment systems