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Is it possible to hide child taxonomy in the dropdown filter? For example, I have custom hierarchical taxonomy"Vehicles" where the first level is"Make", second is"Model" etc... I want to filter products (let's say"Filters") by car Make only, I don't want to show the models in the filter at all. Model is not even chosen for any of the products in this category. But when I select a Make in the filter, another empty dropdown is shown immediatelly under it (Models). How can I hide it? Please note that I want to use"Models" in other categories - I have diferent sets of filters for diferent categories.

Another related question is vice versa: How can I show child taxonomy terms only (without their parent)? Here I am talking about product categories: In my mdtf filter (shortcode) I want to have only subcategories of the main"Filters" category (air filters, oil filters...). I don't need to filter by main category"Filters" because I am alredy in this category so it doesn't make sense - I want to hide the main category.

Is there any easy solution for both cases or I need to create a new template or something like that?

Link in private area, thanks.


To  hide categories -

Read  this please -

Thanks, but this is not the solution for my problem, I probably haven't explained well. Let's say I have product categories like this:
- Category A
- subcategory A1
- subcategory A2
- subcategory A3

When I am on Category A page, I don't want to show this category in the filter. I want subcategories only. But if I hide"Category A" from the filter, subcategories will also be hidden and this is not what I want.

Regarding taxonomies, I want vice versa (Makes and Models are parent and child items in the same taxonomy): I want to hide sub-terms (models) and show only Main terms (Makes).  Currently it works in a way that models dropdown is shown always, even if it is empty. Maybe there is not an easy solution because I have hundreds of Makes and even much more Models. I can't exclude all the models by Id only.
If you can help with any advice - that would be great.  Thanks


Unfortunately, the plugin only has these features for limiting taxonomies.

In your case, you need customization of the code

Sure, I will customize the code or make some plugin/snippet. I just wanted to check if there is any easy solution that I've missed. I am going to try to find the right hook right now ;)


Unfortunately, the plugin does not have such hooks.

To  exclude taxonomies (for  widget) in  file - \wp-content\plugins\meta-data-filter\views\page\draw_front_page_items.php   -