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Pagination not working

(new from 01-07-2019)
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Thank you for this great plugin, it is really helping me out, but I have an issue with pagination. I am aware that you have provided some general answers for it here: but these did not work for me. I have tried looking at the code to figure it out but I am not an expert. I thought the code snippet here might work for me but it also did not work. I have attached below a link to an image of what I assume is the relevant code and would be grateful for your help or suggestions.


Please drop me  exact  link to the  issue

I have added a link via the private data, thanks


Change the result page - - It should not be "search"

Thank you, is there a specific page I should change it to?

Actually I did get it working by deleting "search" and leaving the results page blank, but also making the change to var pag_links = jQuery(‘.nav-links’).find(‘’);

Thank you for your help!