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Order Currecny Convert Issue - Urgent

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Hi, after uploading the latest version of the pro plugin I am having a big issue with our order conversions to our base currency.

For example I created a test order with my vpn from germany in euro, the order comes through correctly with the right amount in euro.

When choosing convert order to ZAR (South African Rand) all it does is change the currency prefix. Any conversion after that works but with the incorrect values. I have attached images of the new order and the converted order.

Please assist urgently



Please paste your license key here - -> and  wp-admin access -

Are you sure you clicked on the order recount and not just changed the currency -

I find the only way I get this to work is if I change the order the currency the order was placed on to rand, hit update, then select the currency it was in hit update, then change back to rand, then select recalculate order (it seems this is the only way it pulls the Order currency rate witch seems empty initially as per new order image. With the old plugin all we had to do was change currency, then recreate order. Am I missing something?


It is necessary not only to change the currency, but also to recalculate the order

But when I do that it only changes the currency symbol? Have you not seen my screenshots above. The new plugin is not allowing me to change order to Rand and then recalculate, please look at the totals in my screenshot to see what happens when you do it as I just described.


Basically when we receive an order in a different currency, the Order currency rate is empty, it contains no value so when I hit calculate order all it does is change the currency symbol, if I do the process exaplained earlier I manage to get the Order currency rate to display and then calculate order works


I found the issue, It was being caused  WP _ Rocket, your system does not like Combine CSS files <em>(Enable Minify CSS files to select) option selected


It is very strange! CSS cannot affect logical functionality, especially in the admin panel