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Once again YITH Product Add-Ons

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Hello! I'm trying to solve an Issue with Yith product add-ons plugin.
I've tried to solve it for like one month now.

I've read this:

This worked out pretty good (even when the files are different)


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Only the table with totals didn't work - cart and the inputs work great. I couldn't solve this issue at all, and I really need this to work..


Then i've seen a thread here from PaoloP not so long ago:


The explanation there wanted me to update two files, add and delete some code, I reversed the previous changes and installed new clean Yith add-ons plugin.
When the changes were made, the functioning is even worse:

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Only thing that works here are the two bottom lines with code totals.

Please could someone look at my site?

I think many people have issues with this, it's very frustrating.. Trying to solve this for a long time..

Thank you!

Hello Tobias

I think you have already read this article -

You can add  FTP+wp-admin access  to your  test site  - ->

I'll add this to the adaptation queue

Thank you, I posted the access there.


We can't do anything without FTP access. Please add FTP access


sorry for the delay, I had to get the access to hosting from client.

I updated the info in private data, rn it contains FTP access.




Ok!  I added this to the adaptation queue


Please  check  your  FTP access - 530 Login authentication failed