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I am having issues with the website pricing and currency conversion and wondered if you can assist?
There are a few intermittent issues which ill try my best to explain;
1. I’m not sure GEO IP is functioning correctly. I used this link ( from one of your support articles with a page using your geo ip shortcode (link in private data) and it gives inconsistent results. For example, if I select UK, and run it 3/4 times, at least 1 of those times it shows as being in Italy as the location even though UK is selected.
2. Currency switches back to default currency. I tested this with a VPN in a new browser. It might be a false positive but I am unsure so best to check. If I am in the USA and use this page (link in private data) it shows as being in the USA and the currency is in USD. But if I change page it keeps switching randomly to either GBP or EUR.
3. Prices show on sale or discount, when the price was never this price before. This is the most confusing one for me and difficult to explain so I have attached some screenshots. For example, the FLEUREN Wall Light has never been £97.20. It does this for different currencies etc too.
Looking forward to your response.
Thanks in advance.


  1.  Please  read  this - It looks like this is a conflict between woocommerce and the cache. Please follow the recommendations in the article -
  2. Try  to use  sessions -
  3. I see this price - - and this is correct because I am not in the area of your taxes (-20%)/  From your side, I think the reason is that woocommerce does not correctly determine the current position of the user(as I described in the first point) And it doesn't depend on my plugin. If you turn off woocs the price won't change

Hi Pablo,

  1. I've tried and implemented everything here with the exception of geo caching in WooCommerce because I vaguely remember it causing some problems elsewhere. Is there any other solution to fix this?
  2. I've used sessions previously but the same issue occurred. I only in the last few days switched to redis.
  3. This price is incorrect and does not exist. The base price for all prices is in GBP which includes 20% tax. so £81 is the correct price for this item. We are using a price by country plugin which your developers did some extra work for us for. In this case, if the customer is not in the UK, the prices are increased by 20% so they are the same price as UK customers. Therefore, all prices should be identical and no variation.


  1. My plugin uses woocommerce data to determine the current location. You should ask why woocommerce cannot determine the current location of users

2)  Are you getting this error every time? I cannot repeat this error with regular product pages

3)  Have you updated this third party plugin? If yes - inserted the code for adaptation with woocs? In any case, the customization was to adapt a third-party plugin with WOOCS. This third party plugin adds 20% to prices. But as I wrote above, if you disable my plugin, this third-party plugin does not add 20%, that is, it does not work at all

  1. That is the million dollar question! It's beyond my capabilities to understand what and why, all I know is it's likely linked to a cache issue. I'm using MaxMind and geolocate as your guide suggests. I cannot turn on geolocate with caching support as it breaks the website and it's not uncommon for this to happen when people select this option. From my tests, it's like the cache is storing the first location and currency. I did lots of geolocate tests and all the countries show the same currency and country regardless.
  2. I think this is related to point 1.
  3. Everything is up to date and the code updates re-implemented.

I'm happy to pay for your time to look into this and provide a fix? I love your plugin and I know it's working, it's just some compatibility issue. But im losing customers with this issue, we get so many customers on live chat saying the price is wrong etc and I can't continue like this.


Yes, but that's a little different. This is not my plugin problem, it is incompatible between woocommerce and your cache settings.  My plugin reacts correctly to the data sent by woocommerce. woocommerce gets cached Geo data of the user's location.

I can't do anything from my side.

I think it is logical to ask how to adapt Woo GeoIP with the cache from the authors of this caching functionality.

For example cloudflare provides such a solution.

Perhaps this caching functionality has its own variable with the current position of the user, in this case it is possible to override GeoIP in woocommerce - woocommerce_geolocate_ip ( )