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I just updated the plugin to the latest version and suddenly the filter is not working properly anymore.

Please help. I got the Pro version.

See here:



Hello  Dennis

Paste your license key here - -> and  FTP+ wp-admin access -  I will  check  it

I added the information!

Hello Dennis

Please  check your  access -

Sorry. Now it is working!


Please  disable  ajax  mode  in essential Grid template


I cannot find the right place to do so. Please could you tell me where?


Unfortunately, I did not customize this template.

I just see the template is making an ajax request to display posts -  - and this is a separate query in the database and my filter cannot influence this


it worked before for 2 years without problems! Ajax was always on. And why does it find nothing at all now, when you check one of the checkboxes under "Extras"? Before I handed you the login data, it showed the correct number of results!


 Ajax was always on. - On  filter settings Yes/ But in the template settings, it looks like ajax has been disabled (this may be lazy loading of images)

 it showed the correct number of results! - Yes!  I disabled ajax mode in the filter settings so that the result is loaded. And I see a problem with this -

My  test  -

You can disable Ajax mode in the template


Disable ajax  mode  in  filter  settings  and  I  will fix  this -




You can disable Ajax mode in the template - I can't find the right spot to disable Ajax mode. I turned on and off "Lazy Load" on Essential Grid under "Smart Loading" but nothing changed. Also cleared all caches of course.

Perhaps you see another option or have another idea?


In this case, you'd better ask the plugin support how to change this behavior.

Or ask them a JS function to initialize this behavior