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No result filter and Keep the same template as my post loop page

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Thx for your plugin,

I use simple taxonomy widget only and i have actually 3 posts who are displayed on two column like this

When i filter and choose category > beauty, i would like that it keep this two column (keep the theme template like woof filter) and display only the two post concern. But actually it does not work and load an empty page. I follower the documentation and i don't find my mistake.

Just i would like it work same like this :

Can you help me?

Thanks a lot


Please  paste your license key here - -> and  wp-admin access -

It looks like you have incorrect template settings and display links -

Hi Pablo,

Thank you for your support as always. I just filled the license key and admin access.

I tried to fill the result output page on the widget but i have the same. I'm sure that the problem come from my bad understanding of the system.

Thank you a lot



Please  watch videos -  and


Yes thx for your reply,

i already saw them but until 3:40 my filter should already work because i use only "taxonomy" by widget wich it's look really simple. however i  tried new thing wich is i choose an existing template.php for the output but seems i don't have the good file on my theme but i saw template-meta-data-filter.php and it's looks like the output filter on the code. Then i putted "template-meta-data-filter" on my "output search template" settings but i still have no result. :/

Thx a lot


i already saw them  - OK! but you made the wrong settings. To configure the plugin you need to understand how to do it.

I made test settings with the template "search"   -


Thank you for your support as always. Yes i understand that the system have to point the good php template but on my files i don't have "search.php" or "content.php" or others.

And with your last correction it's work better but still not properly because when you choose Category > beauty (2) it should display my two post but it display directly the single post. That strange.

But anyway after talking with my customer he does not need anymore the filter for post on the priority (may be later) but only for product. So i will ask refund for MDTF and buy another licence for Woof filter. I will come back to MDTF may be later if my customer want the filter for post.

Thx a lot


But anyway after talking with my customer he does not need anymore the filter for post - Unfortunately, this is not a reason for the  refund

But you can buy WOOF and write to support (insert a new license key) and request the refund for MDTF

Okay i will, thx