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Need to filter custom products by product name

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I have added Product Name filter in Catalog Product Page here you can see filters in sidebar.

In the sidebar, you will see"Product Name" in filters.. when you search with product name it gives some weird result in page.. here is the screenshot. if you will see image tag breaks when we filter with Product Name.

Please help me to fix this issue.


Try  in  file -  \plugins\meta-data-filter\index.php   add  code -

return $title;

Please  do  test.

Thanks, Now product name filter is working.. but there is one issue now.

I have custom link to each Catalog product which leads to Product Landing page..

Here is URL screenshot before filter...

After Product Name filter it changed .. This is wrog URL  I need default URL.

There is also one more thing.. page get's reload after filter, can we make it 100% ajax based without page reload?

And Can I show some banners before filter? similar how this website do.

I want to show some banners when we load to this page  and when user filter  it shows the catalog product result how we doing now.




After Product Name filter it changed .. This is wrog URL -  It is independent of the filter. It only depends on your template.

can we make it 100% ajax based without page reload? - Yes!  Watch  video  please -

And Can I show some banners before filter? -  It only depends on your template.

so I can do setting in template for that to show banner before filter? is there any variable which I can use to give condition...

if($filter === 1) or something so I can use it?


This has nothing to do with my plugin! Contact current theme support.

Find the template file in the theme and paste  your custom HTML. To show banner only on this page: use  if(is_page(2200))

But it looks like this is a custom page. Just insert a banner in the content

Maybe I didn’t understand you correctly