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need help setting up the plugin

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I have downloaded and installed your plugin but on my site it dint create an mdtf search page. You did tell me on envato to use the shortcode but i want to know that for each side the shortcode shall be different and also for each filter shall it be different ???

iam sorry for asking you all this but iam a total noob in all this iam not a developer iam just a simple wordpress user.

ALso i did check the option for price slider attaching the pics with google drive link here pls have a look i have selected the option but it only displays 0 - 100!AuBhUVwCmvW6gdEnwE6ewmqlkjMG2A


 .... be different and also for each filter shall it be different ??? - please  watch  video -  AND

if you want to filter products on the store page - you do not need to create any page!

Paste your license key here - ->



currently iam setting the filters only on the store page but later on plan to use your plugin in posts as well.. Its a wonderful plugin.. Its a little tricky in begining but once u start using it its super easy.... Its actually the kind of plugin i was looking for... Iam just trying to set it up on my site and facing issues. I will look at the videos tonight and if face any issue will update you also i have updated my purchase code....

Thank you


Please add your wp-admin access -




I updated the same. Pls check my site why iam facing the price problem.


You did not insert a meta key -
Result -

To show  filter and products  on any pages  - please  use -  -  AND  -


Thank you so much for the help.

I also wanted to know is there a way that i can shift the price slider at the bottom of the filter ???

also i saw some lines in between filter options the product hidden are displayed as thin lines how do i remove that ??? ( pls check the pic for referenace -!AuBhUVwCmvW6gdEpJDHXf_1KU2lafA?e=2Vzh91 ) here in the pic u can see after the last flavor below birthday cake there are 3 lines and not below the options above them... and also under the brands section one can see 2 lines below some options.

Also is it possible you set a shortcode for this test filter so that i can come to know how to set it as i tried going through the links u sent me but i dont understand it completely... and i dont want to set a bad shortcode and have some issue on my site.


Raunaq Arora

Hello Raunaq

Plugin configuration not included in support

Please  watch  video -

I also wanted to know is there a way that i can shift the price slider at the bottom of the filter ??? - change order -

also i saw some lines in between filter options the product hidden are displayed - These are the styles of your current theme. Add  CSS please:

body .sidebar-widget-area ul li {
border-bottom: 0px;


hey thank u so much...

i tried both the things and it works good.... iam still setting up my first filter on my site... and looks like i might need some customisation.... does your team do customisation ? which i agree to pay for not looking for free customisation..

Pls revert back on the same for me...

i also noticed few error in my filter....

1 - pls check the second item in category iso whey it shows count as 3 in filter but displays 4 results ( google drive link to image -!AuBhUVwCmvW6gdEsSGml4jtFi6MPPQ?e=XYOEGl )


2 - when i slide the price ranger back to 2300 minimum amount in that product archieve it displays products from all shop categories and not just protein category on which the filter is placed ( google drive link to the video -!AuBhUVwCmvW6gdEt9yyyYuQelU_pTw?e=n4SoDr )

Also the price slider displays minimum amount to be around 2200 but the button which slides displays 2300 ( why is it showing so )


  1. This is an incompatibility of the current template with the filter.
  2. read this please -


1 - so i looked in settings main interface now my template is set to default template that is search. How can i know which template to set ?

2 - i did add the product category in additional box. It now displays the product from the very same category But still the slider displays price as 2258 and the button stops at 2300 how do i correct that ?? so that both values match ?? ( attaching screenshot pls check -!AuBhUVwCmvW6gdEuPcuQf7Zz4akchw?e=06sFFB )

Also iam very close to finishing my first filter and once done i do require some customisation services... Pls help me finish this so we can proceed to the next step..


Raunaq Arora


1 if you work with woocommerce - then this is a shop template.  And this template depends on the current theme.  If this product counter is not standard, this will not work with the filter.

2 Please  drop  me  FTP access  I will check  it/



1 - so for the customisation i would require you to remove the product count but the plugin should be able to filter dynamically without term / product count. I guess if we remove the term count then template should not be an issue ??



also once i completely set my first filter then i shall give u a list of customisation i require as i need 2-3 customisations done in the plugin


this is an open forum!

I highly recommend changing your access

iam sorry it skipped my mind pls check the private data for new ftp details....


Please  do test  -


Thank you so much i tested it works fine what was the issue about was it some setting i missed or some fault in the plugin ??

Also the filter is set from my side now iam noting down the customisation i need for the plugin. Pls have a look and tell me if you can help me do it.


1 - i want the filter to do a dynamic search but not display the post product count ( Image for reference -!AuBhUVwCmvW6gdEymA1g38bEOiJ8mg?e=CgPpmD )


2 - also i need option where i can change the font color make it bold or highlight the heading/taxonomies ( image for reference -!AuBhUVwCmvW6gdExgMw9XD_Ej469MA?e=iWH456 )


pls lemme know how long will this take for you and also the cost involved in the same.


hope to hear from you soon


what was the issue about was it some setting i missed or some fault in the plugin ?? - you did not set a step in the slider settings

1 add CSS please


display: none;


2 add CSS


i tried the option 1 by adding css to remove the term count on a staging site it removed the term count but when i try to filter results it displays a blank page ( pls check the video for reference -!AuBhUVwCmvW6gdEzGt4J6gCy0GQTtg?e=mBBgqI )

i dint try the option 2 yet as this only gave me issue