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Minicart not displaying cart info correctly

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When I have currency switcher enabled the mini cart and show cart don't behave correctly. When I add to cart from the shop thumbnail it's ok but if I click on the shop thumbnail and then add to cart from its single product page the mini cart initially shows the item for half a second then removes it. If I go to the actual cart page all items are there but the mini cart and show cart are incorrect. If I disable wp currency switcher the cart behaves correctly. I have disabled all caches, compression, minification etc.  The theme I'm currently using is Porto but same thing happens on woocommerce storefront theme.

Please help


You wrote to the wrong forum thread.  You  need -

Try  in  file - wp-content\plugins\woocommerce-currency-switcher\js\front.js - comment/delete this  code -  and   do test

Hello Pablo

Thanks for your prompt reply,  I tried what you said and unfortunately it has made no difference, the problem is still there.

What do you suggest please?


Please drop  me  wp-admin+FTP  access - ->

Logins provided thanks


Please  check  your  FTP access



Apologies, ftp login revised.


Please  update  plugin  to  latest  version -

And  do test




Everything great now, thanks so much.


Kind regards