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Hi, Do you have a tutorial on how to get MDTF to pull in WOOBE categories? I have the premium version of WOOBE and the free version of MDTF.  I'm testing out MDTF to try and make a product finder page.  I need the website visitors to be able to pick out their product and then a list of what parts they need. Thank you


Paste your license key here - ->

To filter products better use this plugin -

I put in private data.


Unfortunately there is no such tutorial. Please explain in more detail what you want to  get and I will help set it up.

Do you have a tutorial on how to get MDTF to pull in WOOBE categories? -  I'm not sure I understood you correctly.


Hi, My client sells Laser printers and their replacement filters.  I'm trying to make a product finder.  The process for the web visitors would go like this:

Step 1: Shopper Pick Brand
Step 2: Shopper Pick Their Product
Step 3:  The Shopper is given a list of compatible filters and parts

Any thoughts on how to do this?  Most product filters work with variables that I don't use. I have my product connected by tags, SKU, upsell and categories.
Thank you for your time


Hello  Kim

As I wrote earlier, better try this plugin -

Here is an example of a similar search (if I am correct
I got you) -  OR

This filter is better for woocommerce products.

Such the filter can be made:
Categories as a brand, Tags as model names