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mdtf - first try on rehub theme (9.6.2) - sidebar not show on defualt Template

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wordpress  5.2.4

theme :  rehub 4.6.2

nothing show up with   MDTF TAXONOMIES  with the defualt MetaData Filter template

Search Result Page                                                :  mdtf-results-page/
Output search template                                       : search
on the mdtf-results-page there is short code  :  [meta_data_filter_results]
Page Attributes  ->  template                             :  MetaData Filter

when i change template to"Default Template"  i get sidebar with the category checkbox as shown here :      3:30  (first example)


Please  drop  me  wp-admin access -  and  exact link to  the  issue


I checked it!

Everything works correctly -

I cannot check widget settings -


ok , i see what you are doing (choose), just review and it work great , but ....

when  i choose"blog" category, i get all the post list in the main area , but in the sidebar i get also list of post and not the categories .


Hello Ilan

Oh! You are  right!

Please give me admin access(provide administrator role). I can not check it -


also check in the main sidebar option , when i try to choose type "review" and"Blog" only in the Terms items of"category" ,
the checkbox save other choice from those i choose ;


Hello Ilan

It looks like a problem with the current theme.  if there is"Blog" in the search query - the theme automatically replaces the search template  to the blog template - - in this template you use a different sidebar

How  to  fix  it :

Try  to use another theme


try  to use mdtf templates -

just to say thank you  ,

i made my template , every thing work fine  , i used/follow your help  :