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MDTF Filtering Brand and range price

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I am trying the free version on a woocommerce, I tried to create filters for the Category, Size and Color, I could not create the filter of the minimum and maximum price range.

I watched your videos but to no avail for my problem, I am not a programmer I have basic knowledge

In woocommerce I have some example custom fields
Name: meta_product_producer,
Value: Brand
I don't know how to display this data.
Do I need to purchase the Pro version for these functions?

As a theme I use Generatepress Pro + Elementor Pro



 I could not create the filter of the minimum and maximum price range. - Describe this problem in more detail

I don't know how to display this data.  - where do you want to show it? If you want to create a filter -


I looked at the link you shot but I still don't understand, I have read other posts and I see that many always ask the same questions, the videos and tabs you have published is not understandable for many people, I have bought other plugins with much better guides and simple in filling them.

I need to know if the free or paid version is good for what I need.

Do you have more support with the paid version?

I can't create the price item where there is the cursor where the user can move a minimum and a maximum, well if there is the possibility to insert the cells to be able to write the 2 amounts.

Metadata the same as above not understandable, I have that data and I would like to create a drop-down with the names of the various brands where the user selects the desired one and it is displayed

Thank you for your answer



I did some tests and for the price I see only 1 cursor and does not perform the search, 0 results

I also tried with the minimum and maximum cells, when I enter the prices I do not search, 0 results

For metadata I have not solved



I see only 1 cursor and does not perform the search -  Please check these  options  -  you  use  woocommerce)

Try to watch a video -


I tried to open, mailwarebyte reports me a trojan and doesn't open it




I managed to insert the 2 sliders, when I select a minimum and a maximum I don't see only the products of that price range, what can it depend on?

This is the configuration

I have not solved the custom fields yet, can you what should I do?



Please  try  to  watch a  video -

Try  to  read docs -

Drop  me  exact  link to  the issue

What plugin version number are you using?