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I was buy your plugin, but when I add the plugin to the widget, the content of my homepage disappears ,the plugin does not display correctly and does not working Dynamic post recount. In post create lots of empty space

Theme name is Tripster child theme.

Can you help me?



Paste your license key here - ->



Do you use anything to optimize JS? - Please  disable  it  and  do test

If  no  luck  please  drop  me wp-admin+FTP access - ->  Can  I disable plugins/theme to test?

Yes, you can disable plugins/theme.


Please  do  test

I  added  this code: = function (types, data, fn) {
jQuery(this.context).on(types, this.selector, data, fn);
return this;

in file -


I was testing. Plugin doesn´t showing taxanomy and in post does not showing gallery and is there too much empty space.

I was trying install theme twenty twenty and there is same problem in post like in theme tripster. After I was trying delete plugin trx_addons from ftp and everythings working right.

So the collision is between the trx_addons and MDTF plugins, but I need both plugins.


I checked  it.  But I can't see the error -

This is good news, but the plugin still doesn't work correct. On homepage and post the widgets are set the same, but they do not appear the same. Dynamic post items recount and hide items where count of items is 0 doesn't work.

your site has many errors. Please  fix  it. - I think this is a serious error

I change the settings of this widget  - - but this is not updating to the front-end - .  Do you have any special caching settings?

Nope, I turned off all cache plugins. I just bought theme, install and made full theme data import, after I made import data from , becouse I need move this website to a new domain. On trimlex is cache plugin active.


please  try  to watch  videos  -  AND

You should assign a mdtf category( )  for all posts -


I didn't know the import deleted the data, my mistake. I was setting four posts and other I was moving to the trash. Plugin working better, but still it´s not good.

It looks good at first glance

but after any action, the top selection disappears

When count items is 0 this will appear and this


but after any action, the top selection disappears - Absolutely correct behavior. Cannot filter in multiple MDTF categories

When count items is 0 this will appear - If  you  mean this - - these are the styles of your current theme -


I do not understand it. On this website when I want swich filter on Vícedenní výlet, nothing disappears

But, on this website when I want swich filter on Vícedenní výlet, the offer disappears.

On both website I have same settings.


Yes you are right!

My video -

I assume I should contact the theme support.