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Latest WP 5.5

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I updated my version of WP to 5.5 yesterday and my test site stopped working - basically the slide-out search tool would not show on any pages. After a lot of time mucking around with it I reinstalled 5.4.2 and it has reappeared. Others may find the same issue.

I was getting somewhere with using the MDTF software now although still having issues with custom-post type/taxonomies and the search tool not responding to those queries but may be able to sort that myself now I have returned to 5.4.2.



We tested the plugin with WP 5.5

We have not found such an error.

I guess the problem is with your site( Possible JS error in one of the plugins )

Is it alive site I can suggest you make clone of the site for testing by this plug-in   and  drop  me  access

Hi Pablo

Please could I have an email address to send you access to the site.



Please  use  private  data  - ->

Issue details and access info in private data


Please  check  your access   -

And   add link to your  site

My mistake sorry - changed it and put it in private data window



Your  access -

Should be ok now - access had a 3 day limit but I have extended it.



Please  add FTP access

Hi Pablo

Sorry to bother you but please could you update me - are you looking at this at the moment? I went on and something seem to have changed (Event filter on home page is now not working) - it was previously) and something not working now that was - I don't want to change anything if you are in the middle of checking out.



Please  check  your  FTP - 530 Login authentication failed

Sorry my fault again - all details now in private box. I realise you have been testing something out on the site but am unsure why the home page posts (events) are no longer working at all with the filter ??  This filter did work perfectly before. I won't mess with anything though as you will be looking at it.

Fingers crossed you will be able to access properly now!



FTP access - does not work/ Please  try to add  mdf_templates to your  theme-

. I realise you have been testing something out on the site but am unsure why the home page posts (events)  - I changed setting only  in the shortcode(test).

I don't know why ftp didn't work as it did for me. Anyway I am still trying to resolve things - I have gone right back to just one shortcode which has only one taxonomy for the posts on the home page and cannot get it to work as it previously did.

Please could you tell me: should the code in shortcode.js on line 17 read shotcode-taxonomies ? or shortcode-taxonomies?

How do you perform updates to the software - is it automatic ? If so could there have been an update to the plugin since I started with this?

It is as though the shortcode filter on the taxonomy doesn't read the selection made.



Just tried to login by FTP: 530 Login authentication failed - I have an idea that on your hosting can be installed security system whith white list of IPs which allowed to login

  1. Its related to file options_meta_box.php
  2. Yes, it can be automatic, read please
  3. I wanted to look by site under maintenance, I tried to login but got 'Error: the password you entered for the username (cleared) is incorrect'

Just give me access and I will make it work, you can also by Duplicator create site clone on another hosting or the same but with public privilegies


Apologies for my long silence - I realise you were trying to help so thank you.  However I took a few steps back and got rid of a lot of data I had imported from my old site and just set up a few test records. I now have the filter working for various post types - 1, 2 or 3 taxonomies only on each type and think it looks good so far. I will be adding further filters I will probably be back with questions and at the moment I am sticking with WP 5.4.2 but will attempt to upgrade WP soon.




Ok!  I will wait for your answer