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Import variations with CSV

(new from 01-07-2019)
support doesn work on saturdays and sundays, so some friday requests can be answered on monday

Hi there,

Importing variation prices with CSV doesn't work. When I export the data, I can see the columns created by adding any currencies/prices in the admin interface, but editing the prices makes no different when I import them.

The headings I'm using are

  • Meta: _woocs_regular_price_AUD
  • Meta: _woocs_regular_price_USD
  • Meta: _woocs_regular_price_EUR

It appears to be the same issue as this user, reported on Envato

Thanks in advance,


Hello Dale

Please  drop me wp-admin access - - I will check it

These are meta keys for fixed prices, they are not related to the base price - I think you know this.



Maybe I didn’t understand you!

Have you transferred prices to this site?

I checked - everything seems to work correctly

Thanks for checking. Please watch the video I've linked to in the private data, that will show you what I'm doing and what results I'm seeing. If I'm doing it wrong, or using the incorrect headers, the video should show that. If you're able to see it working, perhaps you can show how you're getting it to work?


Ok! Try  in file - \wp-content\plugins\woocommerce-currency-switcher\classes\fixed\fixed_price.php  comment/delete  these  lines  -   and  do test please

Tried on my local copy but was unsuccessful. No change to prices after uploading. No errors in debug.log


Please  install this  tool -

And drop  me FTP access