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I want to define my own prices per currency for each product

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Hello there,

I want to have inputs fields for the price of a product for each currency.

How can I achieve this? I have two currencies: EUR and CHF

What I have:What I have

What I want / need:

What I need

How can I achieve entering manual prices in different currencies for each product?


Thank you very much!


Purchase Code:


Follow up,


I now found the settings and changed them accordingly:



Now I have the following problem:

My product setup:

Euro price: 970

CHF price: 1125

Euro price for Editor role: 388

PROBLEM: Now, where can I setup my CHF price for the Editor role?

Setup 1

Setup 2


Best regards!


Just  add  group( for CHF



but if I add group, it just says EUR again?

How to setup this group is for CHF?

Add Group CHF

Any update on this issue? :)

Best regards!


Ah! Yes

This function only changes the base price. Then comes the conversion as usual.

Different amount for different currencies only in this option -

So can I hope for you to add this feature?

It is essential for my client.

I really need to enter a fixed price for each currency based on user role...

Can you please advise?


So can I hope for you to add this feature? - I will pass this to the developers. They will decide the feasibility of this feature.

Okay, thank you for this. Will you get a response from the developers? And could you forward their reply to me?

Their decision on this issue is important to me as I have to decide if I still can use your plugin...

Thank you very much!


Unfortunately, the developers marked this feature as "Low priority".

Let's try to solve it differently. Do you have programming experience?

Yes I do... :)

Tell me, what can I do?


To change  prices -   AND

To get current  currency -

To get user roles -

with this you can build a script to change prices. You can simply add interest to prices depending on the currency

Hmm... but I do not simply add interest to a price...

I want to setup a certain price for each product and currency individual for a certain user group.


Product TEST:

Euro: 111
CHF: 333

Usergroup "Special" - Euro: 55
Usergroup "Special" - CHF: 999


So a formula would not work, since the prices may vary very much from each other depending on the currency.

Also I would need an Input field in the backend for the shop admin to enter the prices accordingly...

Any ideas how to achieve this?


You can add  custom fields( ).


my_price_special_eur  AND  my_price_special_chf

In this case, you can find the right amount

Thats a good idea, but I will have variable products, example a tshirt in 4 sizes...

Then it's very difficult to maintain custom fields, don't you think?


It is more difficult but possible.






But it will be necessary to do a check: $product->is_type( "variation" );

Thank you for your help, but its not feasible for a shop manager to maintain all these custom fields, it is too difficult for a normal person.

I really hope this feature will get added by the developer team soon and move up from low priority to a higher priority!

Thanks again for your help.


it is too difficult for a normal person - Yes, you are  right



Hi Pablo,

where could I see what priority this request has?
Just so I can get an estimate, when this would be added....


Sorry, I can’t say anything right now.  Developers have not yet begun developing a new version of the plugin