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I am using cache plugin on my site

(new from 01-07-2019)

We are using WOOCS in our page - We also some use cache plugin for better loading. This plugin cause that if you change currency and then go in some other page, currency changes back to previous one. It means it doesn't save users chose. We tried several settings in your plugin, but no one helps to solve this. So basically in your plugin isn't working option: "I am using cache plugin on my site" . Is there some possibility to save these users settings for currency and it won't be affected by cache plugin?


I changed  this  option - - it looks like it works correctly

thanks, we will check!


Ok!  Welcome;)

Hello! We checked and it isn't working corretcly anyway. If you change currency in home page (to $), then go in some inner page - currency stays (as $). But then if you go back to starting page - then it changes back to default currency (EUR). Then if you go again in some inner page, currency is back to changed one (as $).

Sp there is something wrong anyway.  It is not fully working.


It looks like a problem with the current theme or a third-party plugin.

third-party software redraws HTML ( non-standard view ) -

My plugin checks the page and does not see prices. For this reason, ajax price redrawing does not work (the plugin thinks that there are no products on this page)

What kind of plugin does this? (Changes the price view)