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How to show the side switcher only on shop pages?

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I bought "WooCommerce Currency Switcher - Multi Currency and Multi Pay for WooCommerce" and installed it. It works great.

However the side switcher should ONLY be displayed on shop related pages.

Manually adding page ID's is undoable, because products and pages +posts are constantly being changed.

I just want to show this side switcher on:

  • The WooCommerce shop homepage
  • All WooCommerce category pages
  • All WooCommerce product pages
  • The WooCommerce cart page
  • The WooCommerce checkout page


I do NOT want the side switcher to appear on any other page. Not in the blogs, not on other pages.

Again, it's undoable to work with page ID where to show or hide the side switcher. Pages, posts, products keep changing and I don't want to keep updating the list of ID's every time. (besides... that functionality does not even work correctly, so I cannot use it anyway).

Is there a way to show the side switcher only on the shop related pages?

Thank you,

Already got it. I added this CSS:

/* Hide everywhere */
.woocs_auto_switcher { display: none; }

/* Show on WooCommerce pages only */
.woocommerce .woocs_auto_switcher,
.woocommerce-cart .woocs_auto_switcher,
.woocommerce-page .woocs_auto_switcher { display: block !important; }


Hello Maurice

Thank you for  cooperation!

Also you can check this option -