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GeoIP rules are not working properly

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I have purchased paid version of this plugins and setup few currencies and also I have setup GeoIP rules for each currency.

Now issue is that, sometimes it is showing welcome currency icon with converted price. Say for example my welcome currency is USD and if any UK based customer is visiting the website, then that customer is able to say converted price from USD to GBP but currency icon is showing $ instead of GBP.

Can you please help me to resolve it?


Hello Jon

I can not verify your purchase code.  Paste your code without extraneous characters and text

I can't check it -

Hi Pablo,

I have updated purchase code field.

Please try to login with this URL



Please use this email for login


I created  test  page -

My  test - - Everything seems to work correctly

Can  you drop me  exact  link to the  issue?


Hello Pablo,

You can see that issue on home page. Actually it appears sometimes only. It is not frequent issue, if you will test 10 time then you might be able to notice it 2 time.

You many needs to test with INR currency, most of time we have seen that issue in INR currency.



Please  do test!

Hello Pablo,

I have tested and that issue is not fixed yet. When we are opening website in privet window, it is showing welcome currency and when we are refacing page once again then it is working correctly. It seems like issue with cookies. That issue is only occurring in INR currency.




Please  drop me  video  with  the  issue


Here is video

Hello - This is the functionality of a third-party plugin!  please  disable  tm-extra-option.  And  do test.

To test  GeoIP use  VPN or