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fixed amount not staying on

(new from 01-07-2019)

hi, I have three Irish and three UK products, all six are variable ie different prices per quantity and colour chosen.

I mentioned this in the comments before I bought the plugin.


I have followed the videos, set the rules etc. but when I go to plugin> advanced> flick the switch > save and the screen reloads, the switch is back to off again.



Actually, the bought plugin won't even let me enable the slider, so help would be appreciated.


I answered  you on email

I emailed back yesterday and have not received a response since so no, I don’t have an answer in my emails.


Please  do test!

Check  a spam box please.



hi, the plugin works in theory, as in, it allows me set the gbp or eur currencies now, but when I add prices, they don't appear under or next to each product.  I get a 'read more' button that takes me into the product, but doesn't display prices.



Please drop me wp-admin access -

AND  drop me exact link to the  issue(product)