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Filter Custom Meta Woocommerce

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I have created a woo-commerce site.

I have created some custom fields via the ACF plugin.

I have some text fields, select and number.

I buy your plugin. The problem is the following.

I have created a custom meta "type". This meta is "text". I want to create e checkbox filter with all existing meta values for these fields and not showing.

It works if I add one by one to your plugin. But this is not good. How can i show all the these value?

Can I send you the site credentials to check that?

Best regards,


you should add checkboxes one by one. This is how it works.

Better  use  drop-down.

How  to reflect these values:

  1. Now very important moment when we are talking about Price! MDTF plugin sometimes installed when site works already, and products already have prices in their meta fields. For example in woocommerce it is _price. So, to make such already defined meta keys searchable the plugin has functionality named as reflections - reflecting of value of other meta key. For using this you need in the prices html-item which we created in built-in meta data constructor check checkbox "Reflect value from meta key" and write in activated textinput near that checkbox write meta key which we want to reflect, in our case it is '_price' and press button Update:
  2. Checkboxes can be reflected with meta keys which have values as 0 or 1 only
  3. Drop-downs can be reflected with meta keys which has the same value as its drop-down <options> keys
  4. Textinput can be reflected by meta keys with any text values
  5. Calendars doesn works with reflections at all!
  6. Here is the last html-item - taxonomy, if you will add this to the filter-section it means only that in this place will be placed taxonomies which will be selected in MDTF widget or MDTF shortcode (will be described hereinafter) and nothing more else - this is just place-marker for taxonomies. This html-item can not be reflected. And one more - remember next - to show selected taxonomies which were selected in MDTF widget or MDTF shortcode you should add taxonomy html item to the filter-section! Just drop it and forget!

Hello again.

First, of all, we are using the plugin: WOOF - WooCommerce Products Filter. I am referring to this plugin. But also we are trying to use MDTF plugin and we made all those steps and still not working.

Let me be more specific:
We use the plugin “Advanced Custom Fields” to create custom metadata to our products. These custom fields appear at the product page and fill in (manually) with data. E.x. “Product no1” at the custom field “shape” I place the text “square”,  “Product no2” at custom field “shape” I place the text “round”, etc
We want these custom fields to be used by your plugin and become filters for our products. We tried and we didn’t succeed to appears theses values of our custom fields with your plugins. Νeither MDTF, neither  WOOF - WooCommerce Products Filter. And we did all that you tell us.

Does your plugin do that or we are doing something wrong?

Can I send the credentials of the site to check?

Best Regards,


Paste your license key here - and  wp-admin access -

Does your plugin do that or we are doing something wrong? - it depends on how these fields are stored. In any case, it will not work with the checkbox. You need a dropdown.