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Feature request: Compatibility with WooCommerce Wholesale Prices / Premium Plugin(s)

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Could you please try again now?

The updated files with your fix codes were overwritten by the WOOT Tables Version update. I rewrote the files now with your custom code.

Did you try logging in again? Standing by.

Hello - How do you see the same behavior in a standard cart .  you should contact third party plugin support And ask why the price is formed relative to the total number of products in the cart


This is the whole reason of the Wholesale plugin. If you go to the product page you see that the plugin is configured to give some discounts for our customer segments, based on the number of products in the cart. This is how that plugin works.

And the intent was to use your plugin in the same context, but it seems that WOOT popup cart is not compatible with Wholesale prices - reason why I started this request here, after all...

If they are outright incompatible and you can’t do anything on your side (WOOT), please let me know so I will look for another products table plugin. Probably I will have to ask for a refund on this one; it was purchased only maybe more than a week ago.


I really don't understand you. I showed you that the reason has nothing to do with my plugin. You can completely disable my plugin and check the native cart.  You will see the same error.

Please read my previous message and check my screenshot

This is the whole reason of the Wholesale plugin.  - but I thought you were interested in this strange behavior -  - if this plugin should work like this then what's the problem with my plugin?

Your  issue -   my  answer -

 it was purchased only maybe more than a week ago - I already answered you on this question last week, that my plugin does not make any calculations, it takes a ready price -

And incompatibility with third party plugins is not a reason for  the  refund(by  envato rules). I'm just trying to help you and make my plugin better


I admit that it IS MY FAULT. A setting in the Wholesale configuration was actually counting the TOTAL number of products in the cart and applied that number as a tier for discount. I only now noticed that that setting was so configured, instead of counting the number of EACH product in the cart and apply the tier for that product ONLY.

Please accept my apology. I consider this fixed and WOOT and WHOLESALE plugins compatible now, but they are so with the added lines of code for displaying the tier prices within the WOOT table. Will you add those lines into a new version of the plugin, so I won't re-add them by hand after each WOOT update?

Thank you so much for your support and patience!


Yes, we will add this code to the new version.