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Feature request: Compatibility with WooCommerce Wholesale Prices / Premium Plugin(s)

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Is it possible to add compatibility with the following plugin: WooCommerce Wholesale Prices V1.12.1 / WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium V1.25 (By Rymera Web Co)?

The prices displayed in the table are the product prices. I tried changing to Regular Price or Selling Price, but I never see the Wholesale range of prices in the table.

Private data available.



Please  add  wp-admin+FTP access I  will check  it

I cannot allow that for obvious 3rd party privacy protection reasons.


Ok!  Drop me  a link  to  third-party plugin(Wholesale)

WooCommerce Wholesale Prices (free version, must be installed for Premium add-on to work)
Version 1.12.1 | By Rymera Web Co | View details

WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium
Version 1.25 | By Rymera Web Co | Visit plugin site


I have updated the links above.


our developer will check it I will write you

Thank you!


Try  in  file - \wp-content\plugins\woot-products-tables\profiles\woocommerce\woocommerce.php   add code -

$value = $product->get_price_html();


This made the wholesale prices appear in a little table, which is ok.

BUT, the calculations in the popup CART are wrong, if you verify the numbers. Please see the screenshot in the private data for this topic. If I switch to the Woocommerce Shopping Cart the calculations are correct. So it is only in the WOOT CART POPUP that the numbers are wrong. It looks like the POPUP CART computes the line total based on the regular product price.


Ok!  I will  check it

Try  in  file  -  wp-content\plugins\woot-products-tables\profiles\woocommerce\woocommerce-cart.php  change   code -

foreach (WC()->cart->get_cart() as $cart_item_key => $cart_item) {
if ($cart_item['product_id'] == $product_id || ( isset($cart_item["variation_id"]) && $cart_item["variation_id"] == $product_id)) {

return wc_price($cart_item['line_total']);

It works, BUT it takes the price from the wrong tier. Please see the private data for the screenshot.

Also, please see what product price it takes when there is 1 product on the cart. It looks like it takes the price from the middle line of the wholesale tier. It should verify which product price tier to use for calculation depending on how many of those products are added to the cart.


If you look at the code, my plugin makes no choice. The plugin simply takes the finished(counted) price from the cart.

Try  to do  a test  with  native  page

I am not a programmer and I cannot interpret the code, I am sorry.

I configured a wholesale account for you on the website, to see how it uses the prices in the woot popup cart (see the private data for this topic).

I can see that calculations are not correct in the popup cart.

In the example, I showed you, although I update the number of products to 5 it multiplies it with the price valid for 6 - 9 products. Also, on the other cart line, although there is 1 product, it takes the price valid for 6 - 9 products.

I mentioned already, the legacy Woocommerce cart uses the correct wholesale tier prices (you can check that too).

I re-logged and tested again and I noticed something.

If only one product is added to the cart and then updating its QTY in the WOOT POPUP CART it makes the calculations correctly. But as soon as I add another or more products to the cart, the calculations take the product price from the wrong wholesale tier.

Now you can verify yourself with the credentials available in the private data for this topic.

Thank you for your support!

I detected a pattern. It seems that it takes the product price from the tier corresponding to the order of the products in the cart. For example:

The first product takes the calculation for subtotal price from wholesale tier 1 (although there is a lower price for one piece of that product).
The second product added to the cart takes the calculation for subtotal price from wholesale tier 2.
The third... from wholesale tier 3!
The fourth... from wholesale tier 3 (only three wholesale tiers available for this wholesale account).

See the pattern?


I did  a test - - but I don't see any discounts for my account

Please add the code I gave you earlier

We are in maintenance mode just now upgrading the Woocommerce. Will get back to you as soon as we finish. Thank you for your support!