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Can I hide empty brands or other empty attributes with MDTF

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Hi there,

I do not have experience with the MDTF so I would like to ask few questions before purchasing the plugin.

  • If I have product categories with a same brands can the brands that have no items ( in selected product category) be hidden? Or for some other attributes listed on the filter, if there are no items could this be hidden as well?
  • Can I crate with MDTF different filters that I could put on product category pages? By that I mean having different attributes that are relevant to the selected category. For example If I'm on the Footwear category, I do not need waist size to be shown and I do not need to show brands that have 0 items in footwear category. Hope this make senseI have tested the free version but the brands are still there and I couldn't figure out how to create different filters like mentioned above. If there are any detailed instruction on how to do this, would really appreciate some links to it.
  • My last question, is the fee of the product listed on envato maket once off? or Is it yearly subscription?


My apologies if these questions was asked before, I couldn't find them anywhere.


Thank you



  1.  Yes  in  paid  version
  2. Yes.
  3. is the fee of the product listed on envato maket once off? - Yes!

for products it is better to use this plugin -

Hey Pablo,

Thank you for your message and sorry for the late reply.

I have tried the WOOF free version and it can not really achieve everything I listed above.

Could you please confirm if the paid version of WOOF can be a better solution for tasks listed in my first post above?

Also, is the WOOF  cost of $39(on the code canyon) the one-off payment as well or the yearly subscription?

Thank you


Please  do a  test  with the  free  version.  All attributes and brands for which the counter is zero - it will be hidden in the paid version

 the one-off payment as well - Yes