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Detect country and display relevant currency

(new from 01-07-2019)
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Good day

I would like to remove the currency switcher on the site and automatically display the relevant currency of the country the user is visiting from with the unique pricing I’ve set for the products in that currency.

Been using this plugin for years now and really happy with it, we even upgraded to the PRO version. The business has grown which requires different country pricing. We’ve spent hours adding new prices so hopefully, this can be set on the plugin.

Kind Regards

Hello Cathy

Paste your license key here -

I did not understand your question.

If you need fixed prices for each currency, you should assign it for each product.  You can try this  plugin - Read this  please -

I've added the purchase code.

I would like to remove the dropdown currency from menu (I can do this) and want the plugin to automatically switch currency according to the country when someone visits my website.


So if they are from Britian all prices should display in Pound (GBP) automatically.


Make sense?



I would like to remove the dropdown currency from menu  - Just delete it from the menu (these are just your settings).

set up GeoIP rules -

Read  this  please -