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Delete all archived products

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Hi there,

I have bought the plugin and need to delete all products from archived.

How do i action this?



Filter the products you want to remove -\

And  in Bulk Edit -

Hello Pablo,

This deletes all based on the filter options

When filtering i cannot seem filter based on archived products, only seem to be able to publish, draft etc

Therefore the delete all won't work?

I have 30 products published and 11,000 that need to be deleted from the archive.

How do I achieve this? thanks


sorry to be clear:

i have 30 products published which I need to keep and 11,000 in the archive to be deleted


what does archived products mean? Woocommerce doesn't have this feature by default

I assumed it was. We have a plug that imports products from another system when assigned to woo-commerce. When unassigned it removes them from draft and adds them to archived.

archived is part of the 'all' products total but they are not published or drafts or trashed. They are under archived.

Is this possible?  I thought this would be a standard feature



Access to your link is closed

Please  drop  me  screenshots  of these products


Please see link for images


I understood you.

Unfortunately, this is a non-standard product status.  - -Therefore, my plugin does not have this value for filtering.



I think it is possible to add this feature. Tell me please what plugin or how you add this custom status? Problem is in how this status is added into the system. To add it as string into WOOBE is not the problem - but should be understood is that status added and works as standards ones ...


I would really appreciate it if this can be added, otherwise, I will be forced to use

They have confirmed this can be achieved with their bulk editor. They have said the archived products, are a post status.

What info do you need?

Can you confirm if this can defiantly be added and the timescale?



See please private data (blue-green button on the right) with the link to zip with updated WOOBE

In file functions.php add next code to add product status into WOOBE system:

add_filter('woobe_product_statuses', function($statuses){


return $statuses;


Key 'archive' should be the same as in your system, try it please


Where do i find private data and the zip link as i do not see (blue-green button on the right)?


Hello, here it is:

Thanks, i have downloaded it but i cant see a file called functions

do i put it in filter.php ?

File functions.php of the current WordPress theme -

adding it to the website functions PHP, that would mean every time the theme gets updated I would have to add this code in. This is not a solution I was after sorry!

Why can this not be added to the plugin itself ?



Read please: about child themes - use only child wp themes and do not use wp theme directly, hooks are created to extend plugins functionality using file functions.php of the current child wp theme

Why can this not be added to the plugin itself ? - custom statuses not possible to predict, so we provide solution