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Date Filter

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I am trying to get posts filtered by Date. So any posts are displayed where a custom metadata field with a date is within the range selected on the Datepicker.

I have the filter settings to ISO 8601 yy-mm-dd.

For testing purposes I have added the two fields for the filter medafi......from and to a post and updated them with a value say 2020-08-04 via phpmyadmin. When testing the filter on the frontend it does not pick up this post ... do I also need a field medafi... without the ending from/to?

If I try updating these fields on the post in the admin backend the value does not save into the database.

My aim is to insert/update the necessary metadata fields from user data supplied in a form but I really need to understand how it works before I can do this. Please can you provide some more detailed instructions about setting this up and how it works?



Please  try  to watch videos -  AND

Read this -

To  set up  date -

How  it  stored -

Thanks for the speedy reply but sorry but I still don't quite get it - the datepicker appears to work but the values entered don't seem to get passed as variables to the generated source code - consequently not finding any posts. See attached details and gerneated source code.


Please  add wp-admin access  I will check