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Currency switcher disregards Woodmart theme settings

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The support doesn work on Saturdays and Sundays, so some Friday requests can be answered on Monday.


I am getting an issue with product pricing.
For variable product, our Woodmart theme allows us to:
1) Only display the minimal price and disable the price range.
2) When the variation is selected, the minimal price updates to the current price. There is no secondary price displayed above the add to cart button.

I have enabled these features. Now I see the WOOCS currency plugin completely disregards the theme settings and still displays the range. Can you help me fix this issue, please?

Test condition: In this link, the price range should NOT be displayed because it has been disabled by theme settings but it is still visible -

When the WOOCS plugin is disabled, things work fine.

This is an Elite premium theme. I hope you guys will agree to this small adaptation.

I have a purchase code. I would be happy to renew my support. Just tell me if this adaptation is possible.

Thank you


Please  add  wp-admin+FTP access

I will  add  this theme to the adaptation queue


  1. I have renewed the support from codecanyon.
  2. FTP + admin details are provided

Hoping for a solution soon.


Ok!  I added this theme to the adaptation queue


In file -  wp-content\plugins\woocommerce-currency-switcher\classes\woocs_after_33.php  - delete/comment  this   code  -

add  code -

var_price = $var_price1;

do test!


Thanks for this. It's working but I will need to properly test in various environments to make sure it doesn't have any complications with other settings.

Can this be implemented in a more organized way like in child theme? So that there are no issues when I update the plugin.


In continuation to my previous message, I spotted a vulnerability that needs to be fixed. On iPhone 6, both on safari and chrome, there was a dash under the price. I have cleared all the cache and then tested.

However, there was no dash in other phones like OnePlus 3T.

Please see a screenshot of iPhone 6 here -




Can this be implemented in a more organized way like in child theme?  - Unfortunately not

Please  clear all  cache  and  transient


did you see the above issue? That dash is still there. Please check on iphone 6


Unfortunately, I have no way to check this on iphone 6

My code does not add any dash.

To test   - please  disable  my  plugin  and check  it


Dash is appearing on all iPhones. I tested on iPhone 6, 8 and X. Dash was there in all cases.

Dash doesn't appear on Android phones.

On Inspect element on PC, the dash is present in the code but isn't visible there.

Screen recording on iPhone -

Screenshot of Inspect Element on PC -

Please check properly.

I hope for a solution.




Did  you  do  this  test - ?

Yes, I did. The dash still appears on iPhone after disabling your plugin:(

The issue is coming from something else.

Any free advise or hint of this problem will be appreciated


In this case, you better contact to support of the current theme.

Try to  add  this  CSS:

.summary-inner p.price{

color: transparent;


.summary-inner p.price span{

color: #2d2a2a;



// I have renewed the support again.


How do we maintain the solution that was provided to us in this post comment? -

The file woocs_after_33.php does not exist anymore in the latest version.

However, there is only one file - woocs.php

I tried to find the code that needs to be removed from that file instead. But I couldn't find it.

You asked me to remove this code -

   if (!empty($customer_price_format)) {
            //$txt = '<span class="woocs_price_code" data-product-id="' . $product_id . '">' . $customer_price_format . '</span>';
            //$txt = str_replace('__PRICE__', $price_html, $txt);
            //$price_html = str_replace('__CODE__', $this->current_currency, $txt);
           // $price_html = apply_filters('woocs_price_html_tail', $price_html);

But I cannot find it anymore!

Please advise


In  file  - wp-content\plugins\woocommerce-currency-switcher\classes\woocs.php

This code -

Also in this comment, you asked me to add this code - var_price = $var_price1;

>>   at this place -


But in the latest version, I find that there are two places where the same code is written.

Line 6720 -

Line - 9384 -


So I should add this code below line 6720 or 9384 or both?

This code - var_price = $var_price1;  as said in this comment


Admin access provided in private section.


Try  to  re-install  the  plugin.

our plugin doesn't have that many lines

In any case, add this code in the first place (whatever comes first by line number)

Please check the file by logging in FTP.

I have reinstalled it and it still looks same.


Ok!  I wrote you what to do in this case -