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Currency Problem

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When I add 3 currencies, it does not translate and display the products on the home page. It shows as 0. can you help thanks


Paste your license key here - ->  and  exact  link to the  issue

I verified the license


Read  this please -

add drop me exact  link to the  issue

I wrote from the Secret Section

Hello  - Set the price. Naturally, if you have not set the price, it will be zero

In xml multi-currency input, how can I show them?


Ok!  Please  try  to watch a  video -


Is there any chance to do it without using geoip?

I just want to convert the currencies from XML data to the main currency.

Thank you


Is there any chance to do it without using geoip? - Do what?  this functionality only works on the frontend for users

My plugin has nothing to do with the  XML data.  This plugin converts the base price on the front end.  And if you set fixed prices, it will show these prices

To get acquainted with the functionality of the plugin -


I want to convert 3 currencies to 1 currency. The data it will receive is the same location as the data sorted by geoip.

Front-end dollar currency view


The plugin does not have this feature.

Product prices should only be in base currency. this is described in the documentation and video

How can I get data from 3 currencies in one way? Do you have a basic accessory or any suggestions?


To get all currencies -  an example:( )

How does it not convert to default currency?

it has to be this hard. How can I not show default as EURO, the currency I wrote USD?

I am looking for a small solution. There is no research I haven't watched. How is it that 3 currencies are not returned to a single currency by default and are shown as zero


How does it not convert to default currency? - There is no such conversion. When the user has selected the base currency, the plugin returns the standard price. As I wrote above, all product prices should be stored only in the base currency.