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CSS broken on mdtf result page after putting shortcode

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I have put the shortcode on this page -

But you can see the template seems to be broken and does not look like what is shown in the demo.

Could you please check what's wrong here?




Please  watch a video -

Check  an option -  and  install  this  plugin -

Filter does not seem to work on the site -


Can you tell what's wrong here please?




Please  drop  me  screenshots of settings of  your filter  shortcode

Here are the requested screenshots -


Please paste your license key here - ->

as I see you have not configured the filter. please  watch a  video -

I have seen this video already and configured the custom posts using the instructions given in this video.

Here is the list of filters I created -

Here are the custom posts -

For each custom post, the relevant filter is selected -

You are using sort panel in this video as this video is very old, the updated version of the plugin does not have a sort panel.


the updated version of the plugin does not have a sort panel. - Not! The new version has the sort  panel

I have seen this video already and configured the custom posts - Ok!  Great.  Now  try  to set up the  filter -  AND

I have tried all of this already. With the widget as well as with the shortcode.

It's definitely not working.

And there is nothing in the sort panel -

My  test -

I highly recommend watching these videos -  AND   Please  read  this -

Is there any option to reorder these taxonomies -

I want to move the categorization to the top.


Please try to move it with the mouse -


Can you please tell how do I make all the filters appear on the page all the time? -

Meaning, when I click on any checkbox, filter results appear. But the filter checkboxes are also appearing based on the filtered out results.

I want to make it in a way that all the filter checkboxes appear all the time, even if we have filtered out some products based on a taxonomy.



Ok!  Check  options -


I have setup filters here on this page -

I used the template provided by you and added a custom field using custom field plugin. I used the custom field to display a "For sale" image as shown in this screenshot -

But when I click on any option from the sidebar filter, that "for sale" image does not show up in the search results -

Please suggest what am I missing here.

Thank you


Disable  ajax  mode  please  and  do  a test


It's working after disabling the ajax but I do need ajax.

Users won't even know there is a button in the bottom to filter out the selected categories as the category list is long.

Please let me know how to make it work with ajax



Ok!  you need to find a script that initializes this functionality ( )  and  paste  it  here -

I am not sure if there is any script for making the "For Sale" image appear there. Although I am put that image an elementor widget and used it as a shortcode in a custom field, like this -


So  this  shortcode  [elementor-template ] does not work in ajax mode( this shortcode is not registered for wp-admin )