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Compatibility with Porto theme

(new from 01-07-2019)


I use the pro version of WOOCS on a flatsome theme website and a porto theme website. On the flatsome site it works perfectly.

However on the porto theme the currency doesnt switch. I have GBP as my main currency and EUR as my secondary currency. When i try to change from GBP to EUR the page refreshes and the widget switches back to GBP. No products have their prices converted (they all stay in pounds).

I use the exact same settings on flatsome and it works fine, so i think this is an issue with the compatibility with porto. I am not using wpml so there should not be a plugin conflict. On the porto website it says that this plugin is compatible so i dont understand the issue.

Please help!!!


Ok! Please drop me wp-admin access -

Hi Pablo,

I uploaded the wpadmin access.


Hi again,

Ive managed to fix it now. It was just that i hadnt updated one of the reccomended plugins. Thanks anyway.




Sorry but the problem has came back again on a different site on my multisite. Please see the private data for this topic to see the log in details.



Hello Sunny

Please paste  a link  to your site