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compatibility issue with woocommerce plugins custom product addons by Acowebs

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Hi there.

Using the WCPA by Acowebs plugins when I want to use a numeric field and activate the "price" box in that numeric field, and the selected currency is different from USD, the price shown in the product file is without the proper conversion (it is solved by advance to the shopping cart page and checkout) there the conversion between currencies if it occurs correctly, but I also need the product file to occur when selecting different prices in the numeric field. is it possible to fix this?


example: Product page (conversion is not shown) however on the shopping cart page and checkout it shows the conversion correctly


Please  read  this -

thanks for your reply.

I have verified if there is already a compatibility solution between WOOCS and WCPA and there is none published yet. At this point I ask if it is possible to solve it. Thank you very much, I will be waiting for any news.


As described in the article, you can create an adaptation request.

Please  add  wp-admin+FTP access  to your test  site - ->

I will add this plugin to the adaptation queue

done! thanks


Is it absolutely necessary to give you access to FTP? - Yes, without FTP access, I cannot explore the third party plugin

To get FTP access, contact your hosting support

done!! I have already created the credentials and you have ftp access for when you need it (data attached in "private data for this topic"). thanks


Great!  I added the plugin to the adaptations queue

Hello, my hosting provider had problems a few hours ago and the file manager could not be accessed via FTP access but it has already been solved


I have checked my plugin is compatible with 3rd party plugin.

An  example - -  the price for choosing this option is configured as $ 1 -  My  test -  AND

You called this field a price range( ), but in fact it is just a numeric field.  Real price here -   to set up it  -


great job pablo! I am very grateful to you for the quality of your attention :)

I understand, however, if I activate the "enable price" box and the product price is zero by default when selecting an amount in the numeric field box. As for example $ 5, in the product card woocs does not do or show the conversion: but when adding it to the shopping cart, woocs does and shows the conversion

that is, in the product file when the default price is zero (because the price to pay is defined by the customer in the numeric field) the conversion is only shown in the shopping cart and checkout but not on the product page.

Is it possible for woocs to do and show the conversion on the product page also when the default price is zero and the amount to pay is defined by the customer? thanks

I have already solved. WCPA offers options within its parameters to solve this. indeed WOOCS and WCPA are fully compatible. thanks

Thank you for cooperation!