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Compatability with PayPal Checkout plugin (Reference Transactions)

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We have many recurring subscription renewals in our store that are in a currency different than our store's base currency. However, upon renewal, using PayPal Reference Transactions, they are being charged the converted price, but in the store's base currency.

For a concrete example of a problematic order, I can confirm that the order object has the order's currency set to USD. But, the WooCommerce debug log for PayPal Checkout, shows"[CURRENCYCODE] => CAD" for the renewal.

It appears that the issue is acutally with the PayPal Checkout plugin by WooCommerce using the store default currency instead of the order’s currency when creating Reference Transactions.

Which seems to be set here:

I asked them about it, and they’ve opened up a question here:

It seems like more of a limitation/bug with the way the official WooCommerce PayPal Checkout plugin is coded.

However, this basically makes WOOCS unusable with PayPal Checkout Reference Transactions.

Is it possible to make a WOOCS adaption script to force PayPal Checkout to use the order's currency instead of the base currency?

Thank you!


Yes! Please paste your license key here - and  wp-admin+FTP access -

Describe in more detail what should I do to get this error


This is regarding the free plugin. I posted the issue on, but was told to repost the issue here.

To duplicate the error, you'd need use WooCommerce 3.6.5, WooCommerce Subscriptions by WooCommerce, WOOCS, and the WooCommerce Paypal Checkout plugin.

Buy a subscription product in the converted price using PayPal Express. The first charge will be correct, but then the renewal charges will be the same amount but in the store's base currency instead of the order's currency.


Ok! Can you  drop me  wp-admin + FTP access?

Or drop me  zip of  WooCommerce Subscriptions

Good news:

The developers of PayPal Checkout by WooCommerce have marked my issue as a high priority bug:

It looks like they will fix it, so WOOCS probably won't need any additional adaption scripts to work properly with PayPal Checkout. :)





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