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Child taxonomies do not show on widget drop down

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I use MDTF drop down as a search tool for taxonomies for a custom post type.  My taxonomy has parent - child taxonomies.  The children don't show up on the drop down however.

How do I get child to show?

This is very important.



Please  watch  a video -

Check  this  option  please -

There must be a bug.  I have selected"Yes" to"Show all child terms at once below", but the child terms still do not show in the drop down.


I'd like to attach a screenshot that shows you that I have this setting set to Yes, that child terms exist and yet the drop down in the widget does not include them.

Can I email you a screenshot?  Please add a way to upload images.



Use services to transfer images by link. an  example - clip2net

Drop  me  screenshots  of  plugin settings and  the taxonomy edit page

Why don't you just have an upload button?  The clip2net installer doesn't run without errors.  I try use the Windows snipping tool, but it doesn't paste into this reply box.

I just want to prove to you that my settings on my page are the same as at  But the child taxonomies still don't show.

Can you just trust me that there is a bug in your plug in and fix it?  If you don't believe it, can you please make a way for me to send you screenshots to prove to you that my settings are as in your video and it is not working.

Thank you.



Hello Carolyn

Ok!  drop  me  wp-admin access here - ->