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Change the search result page default text

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Hello Team

How can I able to replace the default text"wordpress meta data taxonomies & filter"which is showing in the search result page of mdtf plug in filter section?

Please check the screen shot I have marked the text area which I want to replace with"searching from source".


Change  the  widget  title please

Please check my widget section screenshot my widget title is Search By which is perfectly showing but while filtering the data, that time another text shows"wordpress meta data and taxonomies filter". I want to replace this text or remove it.

I have created  a 17 sec video in which this thing appears in time frame 00:09 sec. & also the mdtf widget area screen shot for the reference.




Paste your license key here - ->

And  exact  link to the  issue

I got the text while filtering through this link:

Please check it. & I have given important information through private data.


By Envato rules support is there where you bought the plugin, please write on support of wp theme you bought ...

Add  this  code  to additional  CSS of the  current theme:

.widget-meta-data-filter h6 {
display: none;

Thanks Dear for your great support.

The CSS code  is working perfectly.

I have a  query that I if i will add 1 lakh product to my website & use MDTF plugin for filteration, is there any chances of  mdtf result page slow?

Hello Dear,

When my user publish products through front-end form including mdtf categories,  the product successfully publishes in shop page but while searching through mdtf filters it's not showing.


I have add a form


By Envato rules support is there where you bought the plugin, please write on support of wp theme you bought ...

1 lakh product  -  what is it?

mdtf filters it's not showing - check the values carefully on the product editing page. If you use a slider, the post must have some slider value.


Plz check Here in this category the total result is showing 16 but through mdtf filter option it is showing 15.

The product named"rohit" which is listed under"teacher" category, but in mdtf  teacher option, it is not showing.


Hello Dear,

After clearing the cache from the plugin setting page, the product is perfectly showing in mdtf filter option.

Thanks for your valuable support within a time period.