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change in ACF Pro field > lack of results in MDTF

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Made a change in an existing field of ACF Pro from one option to multiple options to select. In the according field in MDTF however this change makes that the 'product' (= a house) doesn't show up anymore in the search results. In the private area I shared the password etc of the clone website where I'm testing it.


Please  read  docs - -

Did it and handled accordingly. Still doesn't work. -


Are you sure this is a meta key for a third-party field? -

My plugin found the value that is stored under this key -    data -

Whatever I do, nothing works. For the option 'park' it show no parks at all and for the option 'provincie' there is no change in the results (there should be one more house f.e. in 'Brabant'). In ACF field it doesn't seem to make a difference if I choose for the option 'select' or 'checkbox' (checkbox is preferred for use on the backend). Could you maybe login to the site to inspect it further (if this has to be a paid order, so be it).


Please  try  to watch a  video -

It looks like you are setting up the plugin incorrectly

 the option 'provincie' there is no change in the results  -

It depends on how these fields are stored in ACF.  if it was stored as serialized data, the filter will not work

Better use the MDTF meta constructor to create a filter

if this has to be a paid order, so be it - unfortunately I do not have time for custom tasks