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categories tree collapse when unselecting last flagged category

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Sorry, me again... once this website will be done I'll be silent. :)

I have another question regarding a behaviour I noticed.

When I flag categories or brands, etc from the woof filter, the woof_product section nicely refreshes the list without touching the current category tree shown.

I can select more categories, etc, and it all looks very nice as the product list adapts nicely without moving my position on the page and without expanding or collapsing the category/brand tree.

But when I unflag the last category selected, the tree is all collapsed.

Is there a wat to change that behaviour? So that when I click on "reset" it's ok that the tree collapses, but when I just unselect the last flagged category that the tree remains expanded as it was during the last selection?



This is how memory works for these sections.

You can disable it on file - \wp-content\plugins\woocommerce-products-filter\js\front.js add code -

Thanks for the suggestion!

Unfortunately it looks like it doesn't work in my case.

When I uncheck the latest category from the tree, the category tree goes to the original collapsed state.

Just to add a couple more details:

I have these filters set in my filter: by_text, by_brand, by_category and favourite.

by_brand and by_category are checkboxes and initial configuration is with "show toggle button" set to "yes, show as closed".



Looks like I misunderstood you.

If  you  mean - "show toggle button" -  Or if there is a selected item in the list

You can  drop me  link to the  issue