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Can't update through Envato Market

(new from 01-07-2019)

I have the latest version of Envato Market installed. I want to update WOOCS to the latest version, but in Envato Market I can only deactivate WOOCS, not update. How to fix this?


Did you read this - ?


Delete  the  old  version and  install  the  new  version. All settings  will be saved

Hi Pablo,

Yes I read that information. However, it seems to be outdated because I can't use the "Verify purchases you've made" permission. I've contacted Envato Market and they told me that permission can't be used anymore.

So it would be good if this could be fixed.


Sorry. I did not understand what should I fix? Docs?



The fact that auto update of WOOCS through Envato Market isn't possible.


I tested   it  on my site.


You can  add   this  plugin as item  -

I think everything will work well



It turned out that you haven't uploaded the latest version of the plugin to Envato Market.

If I download your plugin directly from Envato website, I get the latest version only if I choose to download "All files & documentation". However, if I choose to download "Installable Wordpress file only" I get version That is probably also the reason why I can't update directly in Wordpress via Envato Market.

This is what the Envato Market representative wrote:


The version the author has uploaded is If they have a newer version they'll need to upload it before the plugin can detect it for updates through WordPress.
Market version at this time:
I would recommend reaching out to the author of your plugin to clarify whether is available and if so request they updated their listing.


So please upload the latest version to Envato Market, also for future updates.



We are 100% uploaded the latest version on envato!

It appears you are now, yes, because I see the latest update finally. Version was not uploaded correctly, as pointed out by Envato Market.