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We are using WOOCS - WooCommerce Currency Switcher v.2.3.7 - Premium plugin for our site.

We've been using the currency agregator"" set to auto update - daily. It worked very well.
However, recently (we noticed today but we don't know since when this started), it convertes inversed, I mean:
we convert to EUR from RON, but switching to euro, now it uses the rate that should have converted to RON from EUR, as a result it shows an enourmous amont of EUR instead a lesser number.

We have temporarly switched to yahoo finnance agregator. It shows the rate: 0.20146000385284, and should have used a quite similar rate, but shows in the plugin the rate 4.9481 which is the inverse exchange, giving unreal results.

Please investigate and fix this. Thank you!


Please  paste  correct license key here - -> and  wp-admin access - - I will  check it

To get  license  key - ->