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All Search Taxonomies & Reflected Custom Fields Show 0/Zero

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I have purchased the MDTF plugin because I see the potential. As the subject indicates, my search/filter form says everything has ZERO items, thus nothing ever filters and I never get any results.

Please note, in the backend while setting up the widget, it shows that there are many posts pertaining to each taxonomy and child. Only on the front end it shows zero for everything.

  • I have deactivated every other plugin... no success
  • I have set the theme to the Wordpress 2019 theme... no success
    (In fact I used a plugin to make the MDTF always use the Wordpress theme for testing.)
  • I tried both the widget and shortcode... no success
  • I have removed reflected custom fields from the filter, only associated taxonomies where used... no success

I'm running out of things to try and would like to get your advice and/or support.

The filter page is

I have created an admin account for you if needed.

Thank you. -Justin

I should mention the site is a bit slow until I make some improvements. The database is quite full. Perhaps that has something do do with the problem.

Hello Justin

Check  mdtf  category  in  your  posts -


I knew you would end up showing me something simple. :) Quite an oversite on my end.

This also helps me understand the"Mass assign filter-category ID" feature in the plugin. Unfortunately that feature doesn't get very far before my server settings kick in and halt the process. There are over 33,000 posts/items to mass assign.

Could you share a query I can run manually via phpMyAdmin that would perform the Mass Assign?

That might allow the process to complete. Perhaps in a future release of you plugin the Mass Assign function can run in chunks, or pick up where it left off in case of a failure. Something like that. Just thinking out loud.

Cheers from Alaska! Thanks!

UPDATE: I made a copy of my entire site on my local/home computer, increased some PHP settings, and was able to run the Mass Assign function.

A limitation on my shared hosting account was obviously causing a problem. This worked, and I can move all this data into my live site.

It would be nice if the plugin could handle hosting limitation better when working with large databases. Perhaps there's a way.

Thanks for you time.



It would be nice if the plugin could handle hosting limitation better when working with large databases.  - I will pass this to the developers.