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add to cart request by woocs

(new from 01-07-2019)
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Hi, I am using this Woodmart theme

Every time "add to cart" is clicked, there will be double request of admin-ajax.php for add to cart function, one from the theme and another from WOOCS, which is below. What is the use of this request ? Is it necessary ? Can I just let the theme do the request only ? I am asking this because currently add to cart function is rather slow.

POST /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php

body :

action: woocommerce_get_refreshed_fragments
woocs_woocommerce_before_mini_cart: mini_cart_refreshing



Try  to  comment/delete  this  line -  - in file - \plugins\woocommerce-currency-switcher\js\front.js

Hi, thanks, but can I know what does that code do on the cart ? I don't want any bad side effect if I disable that.


Updates  the cart ! But if the theme is already doing this, try disabling it. Check that the correct currency is in  the cart