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307 redirect and currency changes itself at some time interval

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I have installed premium version of currency switcher.

I am facing currently three issues

  1. After this plugin installed, every page has been added with extra parameter in the web-link which effectively causing 307 redirect and adds up 3 sec for page loading timing. Refer this link for snapshot -
  2. Currently I have set currency based on GeoIP. Sometimes it is observed that at some time interval currency switches to default currency (USD) independent of GeoIP location. (e.g. For India IP sometimes it shows USD instead of INR).
    • On top of this other thing I see, if in a one web session I select to other currency compare to location from currency switcher on the webpage then that new currency is visible to other person as well. (e.g. default currency is USD, for India location it shows INR. But if I manually select USD from currency switcher widget in the webpage then all other users in India sees currency as USD not INR).
  3. How to other currency value for each of individual product from CSV? I have set all the required setting in the plugin. In the CSV file i tried setting price value under these column (Meta: _woocs_regular_price_INR,  Meta: _woocs_sale_price_INR) but no effect in the final product page.
  4. For this point I need suggestion: how to show some webpage content (image/table etc.) based on selected currency? Say for USD I need to show x.jpg but for INR I need to show y.jpg in the same webpage.


Thanks in advance for your support.


  1. this is the functionality of woocommerce -
  2. each user will have their own currency (by IP) Read this  please -
  3. Yes. These meta keys are correct. do you do it for simple products?
  4.  Read  this -


  1. Thanks. If I use default option (no location by default) in woocommerce setting, then I don't see extra redirect. But does this setting change have any effect to currency converter plugin functionality??
  2. Based on suggestions in the given link, I have added these code snippet in theme-child functions.php--

/* GeoIP fix for woocommerce on BlueHost */
if ( isset( $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] ) && ! empty( $_SERVER['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR'] ) ) {

return true;

I don't find where to add this code snippet at my end in class-woocommerce.php file.

As part of issue:  first page load (from India IP) shows Canadian currency [] but in the same session if I navigate to any product page then it shows INR currency (India currency).  Even loco-browser also shows Canadian dollar currency for Home page for UK, USA, Netherland location.

This happens more frequent when there is FB campaign is running and there are multiple visitors at the same time to website.


3.  I am trying these meta keys for variable product not for simple product.

4. I will try to implement based on suggestion.


So, now only 2nd issue is pending and critical.




1 You have disabled the location of the user. So on my plugin will not work GEOIP rules

2 Read above.

to  test  please  use  -  AND

I don't find where to add this code snippet at my end in class-woocommerce.php file. - do not pay attention

3Unfortunately there is such a problem for variable products. We need more detailed research.