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2 Currencies not showing

(new from 01-07-2019)

Hi there,

I have 3 currencies added (US$, CAN$ and Euro) but only US$ is showing no matter the country. Please help.



Please  paste  your  license key  here -

Drop me exact  link to the  issue




Ok! Please read  this  -

and  drop  me exact  link to  the  issue+ wp-admin access -

I've sent you the infos. Thanks.


Thank you! but I don't see links to your site

Hi Pablo. It's updated.


you did not install my plugin - - this  plugin does not work with  woocommerce

You need WOOCS - wocommerce currency  switcher ( I instaled it ) -

Please  disable  a third-party  plugin -  - and  do  test


It seems to be working. Thanks.

How can I get the letter C or CAD (for canada) or US (for USA) following the $ sign?


there are two ways:

  1. Add  this  text - : __PRICE__ __CODE__
  2. Add a custom sign - Result :