Taxonomy Chain Menu

Taxonomy Chain Menu


Taxonomy Chain Menu – is WordPress plugin with one shortcode only which allows to create chain menus with any type of taxonomies.

Taxonomy Chain Menu – is WordPress plugin with one shortcode, which allows to create taxonomies terms chain menus with any inbuilt and custom types of WordPress taxonomies.

Taxonomies terms should be created in hierarchy:

Shortcode example: [taxonomy_chain_menu post_type='product' taxonomy='product_cat' parent_id=0 exclude='36,12' watch_view='posts' show_count=1 button_title='Watch It' target='_blank' label_taxonomy='Producer|Model' label_post='Select car' chain_id='chain1' connect_table='ttt1']

 Demo page 1  Demo Ready Chain  Compatible with TABLEON  Compatible with WOOT  Compatible with WOOF filtration behavior  Questions?

Shortcode attributes:

  • post_type – what post type to use in the chain menu. Default type is 'post'.
  • taxonomy – what taxonomy terms to navigate. Default taxonomy is 'category'.
  • parent_id – started term ID, 0 means top parents. Default slug is 0.
  • exclude – terms ids to hide from the chain. For example: 12,44,73.
  • include – terms ids to show. Opposite to 'exclude'. For example: 11,43,72.
  • include_top – terms ids related to the top parent terms only (parent == 0). For example: 10,42,71.
  • show_count – show/hide count of posts in the terms in drop-downs options. Default value is 0.
  • target – (premium version) how to open selected post/terms page. Default is: '_self' (opening in the same browser tab). To open in another tab use: '_blank'
  • watch_view – values: 'posts',  'terms', 'none'. What to show on the end of the chain. Posts - drop-down with posts. Terms - button with the link to posts of the selected term in the last drop-down. None - nothing, good to apply with products tables filtering.
  • label_taxonomy - label(s) of the drop-down(s). Example: Producer|Model (premium version only can use divider for drop-downs labels | - allows to set individual title for each drop-down). Also it is possible to use custom actions (must started from 'call_filter_') for translations, example: [taxonomy_chain_menu label_taxonomy='call_filter_chain1' label_post='call_filter_chain1-post']. In file functions.php add next code:

    Demo: - Country|City|District
  • label_post - label of the posts drop-down. To use action instead of text in file functions.php add next code: (must started from 'call_filter_')
  • button_title – title of the button at the end of the chain. By default it is 'GO!'. Also is possible to use action (must started from 'call_filter_'), example: [taxonomy_chain_menu post_slug='product' taxonomy='product_cat' button_title='call_filter_chain1-btn']
  • label_before - (premium version) any words before first drop-down (v. Also possible to set text through action (must started from 'call_filter_'): ([taxonomy_chain_menu post_slug='product' taxonomy='product_cat' label_before='call_filter_chain1-before'])

  • ready_chain - (premium version) allows to display pre-selected values in the chain menu, example: [taxonomy_chain_menu watch_view='posts' ready_chain='17,20,post(51)'] - at the end of the chain will be displayed drop-down with posts and button with the link to the selected post. If exists more sub-categories use 0 (zero) at the end: [taxonomy_chain_menu ready_chain='17,20,0']. Example:
  • chain_id - (for developers) unique JavaScript identifier for js event 'taxonomy-chain-menu' and in custom WordPress actions
  • connect_table - unique identifier of posts/products table set in table shortcode attribute or its backend settings. It is possible to use Taxonomy Chain Menu as filter with posts and products table plugins: TABLEON - WordPress Posts Table Filterable and WOOT - WooCommerce Products Table
    Such scripts cooperation is possible thanks to JavaScript event 'taxonomy-chain-menu' and shortcode attributes 'chain_id' with attribute 'connect_table'
  • do_filter - accepts from the box only one value - 'woof' (demo: ), but it is possible to adapt any another wordpress/woocommerce filter plugin (for developers) using js event taxonomy-chain-menu-do-filter and values there: e.detail.term_id, e.detail.slug, e.detail.container. Example: [taxonomy_chain_menu post_slug='product' taxonomy='product_cat' do_filter='woof']
  • select_wrapper -  (premium version) (from 2.0.8) has only one value 'selectron23' and allows to wrap drop-down in reach html-element Selectron23:

    See example page. Use with attribute 'chain_id' to separate functionality for different chain menus. Use hook 'taxonomy-chain-menu-option-data' to set all the data. See code example (add to file functions.php) below to set data in Selectron23 drop-down:
  • select_width - (from 2.0.8) widths for drop-downs in chain. Use one value or some separated by '|'. Examples: '300px', '300px|250px|20%'. Last value is actual for drop-downs in chain with number 3 and more.
  • max_posts_count - (from 2.0.8) set maximum count of posts in posts drop-down
  • posts_orderby - (from 2.0.8) how to order posts in posts drop-down (by title, id, meta). By default: title.
  • posts_order - (from 2.0.8) posts order direction in posts drop-down. Possible values: ASC, DESC
  • posts_order_meta_key - (from 2.0.8) here is meta key by which posts in posts drop-down should be ordered. Be care - meta values should exist in the requested posts. Example: [taxonomy_chain_menu post_slug='product' taxonomy='product_cat' posts_orderby='meta_value_num' posts_order_meta_key='prod_1' posts_order='DESC']
  • selectron23_max_open_height - (from 2.0.8) works if wrapper Selectron23 is applied. Defines maximum drop-down height in pixels if opened. If drop-down is larger - vertical scroll appears. In px only. Value example: '150|200|300' - width for first, second and third drop-down. If more than 3 drop-downs will be applied last value, in this case '300'.

[no jQuery - pure JavaScript!]


  • taxonomy-chain-menu-option-data - for data set when selectron23 applied, see full code example above.
  • taxonomy-chain-menu-loader - to change loader image
  • taxonomy-chain-menu-do-filter - javascript hook, for developers only hook for synchronizing filter plugins. In code called as:
  • taxonomy-chain-menu-select-changed - javascript hook, works when user did selection in a drop-down of the chain

Included as gift into the next plugins bundle:

Compatible with WPML automatically, no actions needed.

 Demo page 1  Demo Ready Chain  Compatible with TABLEON  Compatible with WOOT  Compatible with WOOF filtration behavior  Questions?

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