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WOOT Options / WOOF integration

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Hello, I have the following questions concerning WOOT (please refer to to notice the problems )

1-problem A -Bug: In WOOT Table, when I press add to cart, the cart of woo commerce does not update until I refresh the page, they show added to cart in woot only, but in the cart on the top menu, you notice that items in cart still zero . I used the option "After to cart adding" = stay on the same page. please let me know how to resolve this bug (please refer to next screenshot)

First Problem


2-Problem B-Option  : Cannot find a way to remove dotted red line under description (Check the next screenshot)


3-Problem C- Option : remove loading banner  showing on filtering of products in woot(check the next screenshot)

prob 3

4-Problem 4 - Option : when pressing a product it opens new tab, how to disable opening new tab ?(check next screenshot)

prob 4


  1.  Ok!  I passed   it to the developers
  2.  Add  CSS  please:

.table23_td_post_content .woot-more-less-container {

border-bottom: none;


3 We will add this option in the next version of the plugin.

3.Now you  can   in file - wp-content\plugins\woot-products-tables\profiles\woocommerce\woocommerce.php - change  this  code -  to 'target' => '_self'

Hi man , any news about the bug fix , still waiting here , the one related to updating cart when add to cart is pressed , please let me know when it would be fixed .



Hussein Wazneh

Hello Hussein

I will write to you as soon as we get the result

Hello Hussein

Our developer has checked this and cannot find any errors. This works correctly on our sites -

can you  add  wp-admin+FTP access - ->

Hello, I supplied the required credentials , please let me know what you find.


Thanks Pablo



It is incompatible with the current theme.

This is a custom cart that does not hear standard action

Hi Pablo , hope you're doing good

Can you be more specific concerning this issue , so I can manage to fix it with the theme guys if that's the case  .

Do you mean that the theme exposes a custom cart ? or the WOOT uses a custom cart ?


thanks in advance for your time and support

Hussein Wazne


Hello Hussein

Do you mean that the theme exposes a custom cart ?  - Yes!

To  redraw  mini cart WOOT  uses: jQuery(document.body).trigger('wc_fragment_refresh');

In  file  - \wp-content\plugins\woot-products-tables-free\profiles\woocommerce\js\woocommerce-cart.js -

To adapt with the custom cart, here you need to insert a trigger for redrawing this cart