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WOOF too slow...

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I have an aftermarket spare parts e-commerce.
My problem was to find a method for filter car spare parts depending on car model.
Using car model as categories slowed down the entire site, so I created a product hierarchic taxonomy called"vehicles"
Every product in my store has lots of fitments so every product belongs to multiple"vehicle"s (from 10 to 1000 and more...)
I bought WOOF Pro version to get"Hierarchy drop-down" because every"vehicle" has child, sub-child and sub-sub-child... Brand, Model, Make, Version... for example: DACIA [brand] - DUSTER [model] - DUSTER (HM) [make/platform] - 1.5 dCi 1461 ccm - 66 KW - 90 PS (2017/10-2021/12) [version]
These elements are absolutely required! I can't reduce infos about spare parts fitments...

Every time I open a page on my shop and WOOF is activated with"vehicles" taxonomy filter, everything slows down... every page is charged complitely in not less than 30 seconds and every single step of filtrarion with this taxonomy takes not less than 30 seconds.
In a nutshell... a customer who wants to select his car before buying has to wait at least 2 minutes and half!!!!!!
Obviously customer must have patience and not be caught up in the wish of clicking elsewhere or reload the page otherwise the loading times double or triple ...

And I still have to upload thousands of products... now I have only 350 products.

I bought an empowerment from my hosting provider up to 4Gb of RAM memory and switched memory base from HDD to SSD.
I've read and done every suggested step on THIS faq page including installation and configuration of cache and optimization plugins.
Nothing. A snail..

If I deactivate WOOF plugin, the entire website is a splinter...
I'm going crazy...

Please help 😵😵😵😵


[EDIT] my website:



Paste your license key here - ->

Your site -


Sorry, this is another website.


How many taxonomies do you have?

And I still have to upload thousands of products... now I have only 350 products.  - the number of taxonomies affects website speed more than the number of products

Can  you  drop me  wp-admin  access - ->

Taxonomies are necessary for car compatibilities... I said in the first message...
And without WOOF plugin website isn't affected by taxonomies number...
I don't decide how many cars and how many types of engines exist ...

If a solution cannot be found I will have to look for another system.

I updated Private Datas


You have 23,000 taxonomies - - that's a lot

And without WOOF plugin website isn't affected by taxonomies number...  - Of course! without a filter, the site does not draw all the terms and does not count the number of products in each term.

Everything works fast without dynamic counting -

if dynamic counting is enabled, the filter makes a query for each term. As a result, this is at least 23,000 requests. if every request lasts -  0,0013sec. (it's very fast)  - all requests will last 30 seconds



You're GREAT 💪💪💪💪😭(tears of joy)❤
Thank you, thank you very much 👍👍👍👍
Thanks for your help