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Woof option to set Horizontal view of filters

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After reviewing the different sub-option of the DEMO @  I failed to find how I can tweak WOOF settings in order to display the filter Horizontally something similar to mockup you can see here below


It would have the big advantage to display 4 products instead of 3


Thanks in advance for confirming what setting I should apply to get the above

Have a nice one



Try these  skins -

It would have the big advantage to display 4 products instead of 3 - It depends on the current theme

Thank you Pablo for assistance and willingness to help.

I suspect I might miss some additional plugin, look at the below screenshot that shows exact options I see under the "DESIGN" tab @ my WOOF

I've 2 fileds controlling setting for Auto-filter, one for "Close/open image" and one for "Close/open text" , no setting offering me to choose the type of Skin I wish to apply for the autofilter.

Could you please advice what additional action I should run, in order to have control over the option you've shown thru

Many thanks for your assistance!


Hello David

your screenshot does not work.

please drop me the version number of the plugin

Hey Pablo,

Using the V which seems to be the latest.

If I should reverse to older version of the plugin, could you pls supply zip install file.

Thanks for your advice



Paste your license key here -

Check  option -

If no  luck - drop me  wp-admin access -

Hey Pablo

Thanks for quick reply. answers inline:

Paste your license key here - => done

Check  option - to "yes", unfortunately didn't help, filter remains vertical: checked for URL:

If no  luck - drop me  wp-admin access -> added too

Thanks in advance for your next advices


Hello David

Your  site -

Please  delete  widget -

Looks nice, well done Pablo.

I'll see how we can fine tune this horizontal filter.

Appreciate you took the time to fix the issue.

Thank you!!


Dear Pablo,


I have removed the side filter and began to customize Horizontal filter with css code  :

I have 3 questions :

1- is there an option to set size of the filter container within the plugin or the css solution is the solution like I did :

.woof_sid_auto_shortcode .woof_container { width: 20%;}

2- I would like to add a title above my filter like this template :

3- For my knowledge From where do you control that the filter is display on category pages, i did not find from where it is controled.



  1. Only  by CSS  add  your  code  in customize->additional CSS
  2. Read this  please -
  3. the filter is displayed by hook  - woocommerce_before_shop_loop

Dear Pablo,


  1. Only  by CSS  add  your  code  in customize->additional CSS --> ok thank you
  2. Read this  please -

--> i have added this snipet at th eend of my  function.php but nothing appear, where I'm suppose to custom the text, also ''Found results: '  does not appear, could you help please.

3. the filter is displayed by hook  - woocommerce_before_shop_loop   --> where did you ad this hook  i'm not abble to find it.


Last question

in fact I inserted "test2" in the snipet and the result is as follow :


could you explain me how to set the title of my filter above the filter container and at the top left please.



Try  to add  tags. Example:  "<div><h4>test2</h4></div>"

where did you ad this hook  i'm not abble to find it. - this woocommerce hook.  in file - plugins\woocommerce-products-filter\index.php

Thank you Pablo for these additional infos.


Is it possible to choose on which type of content (product, product category, Pages) the horizontal filter will get displayed?

I'm trying to figure out how NOT to display it on certain type of pages, categories, Home page for instance.

Would be very appreciated if you can advise on exclusion rule I could use and on which php file I should place it?

Thank you again


Hello David

You  can  hide  it by CSS


In file   - \woocommerce-products-filter\index.php  -  change  code -


Thank you Pablo for these infos.

To give us more flexibility, it would be awesome if we could activate the filter by simply adding a shortcode at specific pages, we want the filter to be displayed.

Do you see room for building such shortcode in your plugin, I'm assuming that this option would be super useful for ALL plugin users, not only me.

Let me know your thoughts.

Thank you


Hello David

Ok!  Read  this  please -

Hello Pablo,

Thanks for your answer & sharing of these shortcode, interesting!

I was more looking for a Global shortcode usable right in front page

Global shortcode such as the one we use for instance withcontactform7 does, the form gets deployed at any Page/Post/product page you add it within the WP editor and that's it.

I understand this is not the current way Woof works, just wondering if such additional functioning would be easy to deploy?

I believe this feature would be a great asset for your plugin, not only for my personal case

Glad to hear your thoughts, thank you.


Hello David

You are  right!  Our team discussed this issue (almost a year ago). But unfortunately this feature is marked as "not important".